Jesper Verhoef


Last year I graduated in history as well and communication, that is: in the 'old age'. Surprisingly, in neither of those two did I get acquainted with new tools or digital ways to improve my research.

I'm glad to say this changed when I started as a PhD candidate last march. Our project, wherein I analyze how in Dutch public discourses (1890-1990) regarding mass media such as film, radio and television were constructed in Dutch public discourses, explicitly aims at an interdisciplinary approach. Both Digital Humanities such as text mining (of which SPSS Modeler is an other tool we use) and 'classic' historical research are needed. As a consequence, over the last half year, I have read a lot on Digital Humanities (Journal of Digital Humanities, for one thing) and spend time in the 'computer learning room', trying to master SPSS Modeler. No picknick, but it goes to show the drive I have in truly grasping new computing techniques that can be a powerfull addition to 'old school' historical research.