Peter Groen


Peter Groen (MA) studied in Rotterdam and Leiden. He majored in Business Administration, Arabic (BA) and Linguistics (MA) but his wide interest also covered Islam Studies, Hebrew and Berber languages. Peter finds that linguistics is not only great fun in his love for dialectology but is also a very pragmatic asset in his work as editor and developer, where knowledge of the principles of syntax and grammar prove to be very valuable. His mission is to make (online) communication more effective and clear; he focusses mainly on communication between academia and society, given his background. Peter is a pragmatist and believes that modern communication should be used both effectively and efficiently, and preferably also in a beautiful form. He expresses this mission in the publications and websites that he creates and manages together with his friend and partner Roy. At Woordvorm, Peter is commited to the values of simplicity, clarity and beauty in the products that he and Roy make. When not creating at Woordvorm, Peter enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, cycling and traveling, preferably all together with his dear friends and family.