Serge ter Braake


After obtaining my Master's degree in History in 2002 I have been occupied with a wide variety of historical projects.I worked for four years for the University of Leiden as a researcher and teacher of Medieval History and obtained my PhD there in 2007.

In September 2007 I was employed by the Jewish Historical Museum as a researcher and editor for the Digital Monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands. Since that time I have done several other historical projects for the Museum and for the associated Menasseh ben Israel Institute. In 2008 I prepared a translation into modern Dutch of a political text by seventeenth century statesman Johan de Witt, which was published in 2009.

Since October 2012 I am a Postdoc at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam for the e-history BiographyNet project, which combines the expertise from history, computational linguistics and computer science to create a demonstrator which helps to answer research questions based on the data in the Biography Portal of the Netherlands. I am also involved in developing and planning the e-history optional courses at the VU.